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Monday, June 27, 2011

Up Close And Personal

In my Small Format Class we were given an assignment to photograph 36 strangers close up with in-between the focal lengths of 28mm to 35mm. We also had to gather their name, age, place of residence, and one interesting fact about them. There had to be 12 with ambient light, 12 outdoors with flash, and 12 indoors with flash. Here are my four favorites from each category.

Equipment used:
Canon 550D
Canon 17-135mm
Vivitar 285HV
Vivitar Softbox


  1. I love yours they turned out really really good! I like how some of the people are looking at the camera and some aren't. It's great. Really good job!.

  2. You got some really great photos for this assignment! The different expression each person is making really makes them interesting, I especially like the second one in the second rown and the far right one on the last row. You did a really good job with lighting too!

  3. Looks great andy! love all the individual personalities shining through each photo!

  4. Seriously great, Andy! Especially the ones with flash! You did a great job a balancing the ambient light and the flash, which I am still not so great at.. So props to you!