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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Carnival Cruises.

I recently went on a Carnival Cruise with my beautiful girlfriend, Billie, and her family. Being as beautiful as she is, I took a lot of pictures of Billie naturally. I snapped this shot while she was getting ready to go out one day and I just really liked it. I wanted to play around with making advertisements so I made a fake carnival ad to showcase the cabins. I know it doesn't show much of the cabin, but I feel like it gives you the feel that you're in one. Either way I really like the photo and had fun playing around with this. Here is the image.

Canon 550d
Canon 50mm f/1/4


  1. I like this, it could easily be used as a lifestyle image for an add. Your right, it doesn't show the cabin much, but thats the point of a lifestyle image, to show that person's relation to the subject being sold... Hope that makes sense! Overall, I believe this is a well composed shot!

    1. I really like this photo. It does give you the feel of being on vacation and getting ready to go out. Its cute that you incorporated Billie in the photo as well. Its a nice ad.

    2. I love this photo. She really looks like she is having fun on vacation.